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We hope our website will be informative and assist you in your time of need. Whether it involves the many decisions you have to make regarding the death of a loved one, or questions you have about pre-arranging a funeral, we are here to provide answers and to help you navigate through the choices that need to be made.

Because death is such a personal thing it’s nice to know something about the people that will guide you through the process of saying goodbye. Here on our website you will find information about our staff, services, products and fees. You’ll also find obituaries and service information. Sandy Funeral Home is ready to serve you in your time of need.

Ken Hallgren


Lois Coburn

Lois " Coburn

05/26/24 - 04/17/15

Longtime Sandy resident Evelyn Coburn passed away Friday April 17, 2015 at Kelly Creek Adult Home in Gresham. She was ... View full obituary

Earl Fisher

Earl F Fisher

04/05/42 - 04/09/15

Longtime Sandy resident and business owner Earl Fisher passed away Thursday, April 9, 2015. He was 73. ... View full obituary

Cornelius Pestes

Cornelius N Pestes

11/25/26 - 04/09/15

Boring resident Cornelius Pestes, 88, passed away peacefully Thursday April 9, 2015 at Portland Adventist Medical Center. ... View full obituary

Eamon Pollock

Eamon C Pollock

11/06/66 - 04/08/15

Rhododendron resident Eamon C. Pollock passed away at his home Wednesday April 8, 2015. He was 48. ... View full obituary

Carol Ryan

Carol E Ryan

07/17/21 - 04/04/15

Sandy resident Carol Ryan passed away Saturday April 4th, 2015. She was 93. ... View full obituary

Elaine Sutherland

Elaine M Sutherland

10/15/33 - 03/31/15

Longtime Corvallis resident, Elaine Mellen Sutherland passed away peacefully on March 31, 2015 surrounded by family members. ... View full obituary

Douglas Will

Douglas G Will

05/12/42 - 03/28/15

Owner and operator of Will Nursery in Sandy, Douglas Will, died on March 28, 2015 at his home in Portland. ... View full obituary

Lottie Clark

Lottie L Clark

02/19/17 - 03/17/15

Sandy resident Lottie Clark died at her home on Tuesday, March 17, 2015. ... View full obituary

Christopher Bottler

Christopher " Bottler

12/25/63 - 03/14/15

Sandy resident, Christopher Bottler passed away at his home on Saturday, March 14, 2015. ... View full obituary

Evelyn Miller

Evelyn J Miller

07/07/30 - 03/14/15

Former longtime Bend resident, Evelyn J. Miller, 84, died early in the morning March 14, 2015 at her home in ... View full obituary

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